RC Mission Mill - Keimoes

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Brief History

RC Mission Mill is a wheat mill that was founded and built by Father Fages and Brother Henry in 1915. Father Fages and Brother Henry were part of the Roman Catholic Mission in Keimoes, Northern Cape, and they established the Mill as a source of much needed income.

RC Mission Mill - Keimoes

Father Maxa

RC Mission Mill - Keimoes

Brother Henry

RC Mission Mill - Keimoes

Brother Gerhardus

A wheat mill was already in demand in the area as early as 1904, but one could not be built without the permission of the Government. At the time of the establishment of RC Mission Mill in 1915 only one other wheat mill was in operation in the area and that was in Rooikopeiland (Keimoes). Brother Henry knew little about machinery but with encouragement and a loan from Bishop Simon he overcame the obstacles encountered and the Mill was built. Others were inspired by Brother Henry’s success and four other wheat mills were erected in the area during the early 1920’s.

According to an earlier Town Clerk of Keimoes, Mr. Van den Heever, RC Mission Mill was regarded as a modern wheat mill even as early as 1958. Since its humble beginnings in 1915, RC Mission Mill has been expanded and modernised. 

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TEL: +27(0) 54 461 1085
CELL: +27(0) 76 497 3310
FAX: +27(0) 54 461 2272



VAT REG NUMBER: 4750112254

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